Ghouly Ambassadors

Do you have a spooky and cute look? Do you have social media accounts? Do you want to earn store credit on our site? Do you want to represent Sweet Midnight and be one of our official Ghouly Ambassadors?? 


  • What do I do as an ambassador? 

    You will receive a custom coupon code from us. All you need to do is share Sweet Midnight products and mention the coupon code!
  • How much of a Discount Will My Friends, Family and Followers Get? 

    With your discounted coupon code friends, family and followers will receive 13% off products on our website. When they make a purchase, they can use that discount code during checkout.
  • Do I Get Anything For All My Friends, Family and Followers Who Purchase from Sweet Midnight Using My Coupon Code?

    YES!!! For every referral that results in a purchase from customers using your coupon code on our website you will receive a 13% commission in Sweet Midnight store credit.                                                                                                        
  • How Do I Redeem My Ambassador Commissions?

    Simply shoot us an e mail, PM or DM and we will let you know how much credit you have. You can redeem your credit at any time.                                         
  • What Can I Buy Using By Ambassador Commission?

    You can redeem your credit for anything currently in stock in our online store. Credit is not redeemable for custom orders.                                          Please note: The terms & conditions of this program can be modified at any time at our sole discretion.                                                                                
  • How Can I Join The Ambassador Program?
Please read this part carefully!
  • Send an email, PM or DM to us with a link to your social media accounts so we can make sure you are a real person! Also include why you think you would make a great Ghouly Ambassador. 
  • You must provide a one word discount code you would like to use to promote us with: "ghoulishgirl", "ghoulshavethemostfun", etc. Your friends, family and followers will put this custom code in at checkout to receive their 13% discount. Please make the code as unique as you are.                                                                                                                                                        PLEASE READ!!!!!!! -   Please understand we are a teeny company run by one person. Our profit margin is not huge and it hurts us financially to give away product to people who simply want free product, when we get nothing in return. Therefore Ghouly Ambassadors will not receive free product unless you have earned it by sharing your coupon code and having people use it. We will not consider sending you free product unless you have over 10k Instagram followers and sign a contract stating that you will share and promote our brand.