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About Us

Sweet Midnight is a shop like no other, bringing its customers 'the dark side of cute'!
We started Sweet Midnight to fill a gap in the market. We wanted to give people a place to get cute yet creepy, well made, handmade items which couldn't be found at the local mall. We want our customers to express their individuality by providing them with accessories, jewlery and artwork to adorn their lifestyles.
We hand make and design most of the items in our Bisbee, Arizona studio.
We can also be found in retail locations from new Orleans to Los Angeles.
You can also find us online and vending our good throughout Arizona and California at various events.
Below are photos of celebrities who have purchased Sweet Midnight goodies!
Elvira is the proud owner of a one of a kind Exclusive Coffin Bezel Necklace
Tom Savini enjoyed our booth but wasn't manly enough to purchase our jewelry :P
Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster in the TV Show The Munsters bought a Sweet Midnight Exclusive Coffin Bezel Necklace from us.
Elana Gant from Little Women LA is a proud owner of Sweet Midnight jewelry
Miko Hughs who played Gage in Pet Cemetery is the owner of a Sweet Midnight Blinky Bling Tie Tack
Ginger Lynn from Devil's Rejects owns some Sweet Midnight skirts and dresses
Missy Munster is the proud owner of Sweet Midnight clothes
Erin Krueger Mekasha the makeup artist for American Horror Story has Sweet Midnight home decor on her mantel