About Us

Sweet Midnight is a shop like no other, bringing its customers 'the dark side of cute'!
We started Sweet Midnight to fill a gap in the market. We wanted to give people a place to get cute yet creepy, well made, handmade items which couldn't be found at the local mall. We want our customers to express their individuality by providing them with accessories, jewlery and artwork to adorn their lifestyles.
We hand make and design most of the items in our Bisbee, Arizona studio.
We can also be found in retail locations from new Orleans to Los Angeles.
You can also find us online and vending our good throughout Arizona and California at various events.
Below are photos of celebrities who have purchased Sweet Midnight goodies!
Elvira is the proud owner of a one of a kind Exclusive Coffin Bezel Necklace
Tom Savini enjoyed our booth but wasn't manly enough to purchase our jewelry :P
Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster in the TV Show The Munsters bought a Sweet Midnight Exclusive Coffin Bezel Necklace from us.
Elana Gant from Little Women LA is a proud owner of Sweet Midnight jewelry
Miko Hughs who played Gage in Pet Cemetery is the owner of a Sweet Midnight Blinky Bling Tie Tack
Ginger Lynn from Devil's Rejects owns some Sweet Midnight skirts and dresses
Missy Munster is the proud owner of Sweet Midnight clothes
Erin Krueger Mekasha the makeup artist for American Horror Story has Sweet Midnight home decor on her mantel
Our Ghoul Crew

Nay Nay

Sweet Midnight is the brain child, laboratory creation and delightful conception of her royal majesty, Glitter Queen Nay Nay; ruler of all things cute and deadly. Queen Nay's story begins when, as a young and creative child, she ran away from home to fulfill every child's blank threat of joining the circus. There, Queen Nay earned her title by working through the ranks and becoming a headlining act. She bedazzled crowds and won over hearts with amazing acts that combined flamboyance, glitter and big cats. The wanderlust bug bit our Queen and she unhitched her caravan, said goodbye to the spotlight and headed for the unknown. Upon her travels, she picked up bits of the odd and unusual. (if you are lucky enough to see the Sweet Midnight caravan out in the wild, Queen Nay will happily show you these mysterious tidbits and share their remarkable stories.) 

Today, our Queen has settled out West in Bisbee Arizona, where the furriest of subjects surround her. With limitless imagination to guide and inspire, she spends her days in Glampira, her '65 Cree Camper (glamper/studio)  base of operations. Fantastic creations emerge, finding their way onto Sweet Midnight's website and into our possession. 

*If, you ever find yourself in a Bisbee cemetery, on a dark and dreary day...you may happen to spot our Queen, walking her beloved alligator (who she keeps happy with a well stocked supply of Marie Antoinette wigs and jeweled collars.) Fair warning, he does bite.






Jimmy, the original monster under the bed, was lured into service with the promise of pizza. Bewitched by our glitterous queen, he serves as her right hand, accompanying her on her journeys and often taking the role of the curmudgeon by vetoing our queen's desire of adding to her furry menagerie. When he's not lugging the Queen's coffins and co piloting one of their hearses, he can be spotted at the local skate park or Sizzler buffet. 

*Once again, if you ever find yourself in Bisbee and encounter the Jimmy...fair warning, he bites.


 There's rumors of a writer, said to pen the newsletter that so many Sweet Midnight fans enjoy. Many speculate as to whether this "ghost writer" truly exists. Some say her name is Christy and that she was kidnapped by garden gnomes, who hail her as a forest deity and sacrifice mushrooms to her.  Others say she is merely a figment of Queen Nay's imagination who visits in that magical space between consciousness and dreaming. We may never know the truth.




 A fearsome (but jollly) pirate who once roamed the legendary seven seas, Vanessa met Nay while taking her pet Kraken for a rather slow and slimy stroll along the beach. After wrestling her glittery parasol away from said Kraken, Queen Nay struck up a conversation with Vanessa and found they had much in common. Including, a love for the mysterious and of utilizing their enemies skulls as fashionable handbags. After years together, spent researching the secluded mermaid colonies of Fiji, Captain Vanessa now aids Queen Nay in her daily tasks. Of course, she still uses her vacation to pillage, plunder and discover new curiosities. So , next time you plan a day at the beach, keep an eye on that horizon...and do mind the slime trails.


Vanessa can be reached for PR inquires at vanessa@sweetmidnight.com



Finally, we have Stitchy Black. Bitten as a child by her pet possum, Foamie...she overcame rabies and started a successful pet alligator breeding program. It was here that she met Queen Nay. Immediately connecting over their love of sharp toothed companions, Stitchy became a confidant and adviser. Sadly, Stitchy has moved out East and their beloved, scaled pets can no longer meet up for play dates (an event the townspeople were eager to see ended).


 Creature Feature


Sweet Midnight's creature feature among Queen Nay's loyal subjects; are a number of unique beings of the four legged variety. Allow us to introduce you:
Ruling the roost is Elphaba. A stoic lady in stripes who oversees the daily antics of the younger fluffs. Her patience is tried daily, but thankfully, multiple nap times help to ease the nerves. You'll find her cozied up on a warm blanket, trying to ignore the shrieks and chatters.
A graceful lady, all dressed in black; is Madame Houdini. Reminiscent of her namesake, she blends into the shadows and prefers to observe the chaos as opposed to joining in. She is far too proper to run about, chasing jingling toys. Now fetch her a treat and be quick about it!
Of the canine variety, we have Hobo Murder House, (but he'll answer to Hobo if he feels like mingling with the commoners.) Don't let the shaggy hair fool you, much like Einstein, it hides a deep, intellectual thinker. His hobbies include pondering the Bermuda Triangle, the meaning of life and why his food bowl is empty.
Joining Hobo in the fight against feline tyranny is Ziggy. Below that adorable squished face is a stone hearted secret agent. Queen Nay may have photos of him snuggled up with kitten Goober, but it's all a ruse in a carefully planned mission to gain the cats trust and overthrow their house rule. He denies the rumors that he can be bribed with roasted chicken and french fries.
Leading the war on dogs is Lady Luna Loophole. The quintessential teenager of the group. She spends her time, rolling her beautiful eyes at the antics of her younger brothers and wishing for her own room. When she's not grooming her soft, velvet coat, you'll hear her yelling for the boys to "quit touching her stuff!"
The first of the feline brothers is Knubby. Named for his cute stubbed tail, he was discovered in the street by Queen Nay's consort, Jimmy. While he appeared to be lost, he was actually on a cross country hitch hiking trip. He had managed to make it to Arizona before being tempted by a cozy house, unlimited love and a younger brother to mentor. For now, the trip is postponed. But do keep an eye out for his upcoming memoir entitled, "not all roads lead to the vets."
The youngest brother is Count Goober Squishy Butt. (Please don't call him that around his friends.) Even though he's only been a family member for a short time, he already has quite the reputation. Known for his daring feats of acrobacy and necromancy...he dreams of one day joining the circus and becoming the world's first psychic trapeze cat.
Last, but certainly not the least deadly, S'mores. The pointy, prickly mascot for Queen Nay's brain child business. The only house occupant to be nocturnal by nature, she spends the quiet hours using her spines to become a world class dart champion. She's only nicked Queen Nay once and hopes to someday have a poison dart frog sidekick to aid in her villainy. She's practicing her evil laugh now.