Ghoul Crew

Nay Nay

Sweet Midnight is the brain child, laboratory creation and delightful conception of her royal majesty, Glitter Queen Nay Nay; ruler of all things cute and deadly. Queen Nay's story begins when, as a young and creative child, she ran away from home to fulfill every child's blank threat of joining the circus. There, Queen Nay earned her title by working through the ranks and becoming a headlining act. She bedazzled crowds and won over hearts with amazing acts that combined flamboyance, glitter and big cats. The wanderlust bug bit our Queen and she unhitched her caravan, said goodbye to the spotlight and headed for the unknown. Upon her travels, she picked up bits of the odd and unusual. (if you are lucky enough to see the Sweet Midnight caravan out in the wild, Queen Nay will happily show you these mysterious tidbits and share their remarkable stories.) 

Today, our Queen has settled out West in Bisbee Arizona, where the furriest of subjects surround her. With limitless imagination to guide and inspire, she spends her days in Glampira, her '65 Cree Camper (glamper/studio)  base of operations. Fantastic creations emerge, finding their way onto Sweet Midnight's website and into our possession. 

*If, you ever find yourself in a Bisbee cemetery, on a dark and dreary may happen to spot our Queen, walking her beloved alligator (who she keeps happy with a well stocked supply of Marie Antoinette wigs and jeweled collars.) Fair warning, he does bite.






Jimmy, the original monster under the bed, was lured into service with the promise of pizza. Bewitched by our glitterous queen, he serves as her right hand, accompanying her on her journeys and often taking the role of the curmudgeon by vetoing our queen's desire of adding to her furry menagerie. When he's not lugging the Queen's coffins and co piloting one of their hearses, he can be spotted at the local skate park or Sizzler buffet. 

*Once again, if you ever find yourself in Bisbee and encounter the Jimmy...fair warning, he bites.
Theresa was walking her pet pig one day while Nay was searching for magic rocks. Their paths crossed in the exotic desert of Cochise County and life has never been the same again. Theresa can be found at her sewing machine helping to make Nay's designs a reality. Be forewarned if you wish to sneak into her home to see the super secret projects for her pigs have been known to attack strangers. 




 A fearsome (but jollly) pirate who once roamed the legendary seven seas, Vanessa met Nay while taking her pet Kraken for a rather slow and slimy stroll along the beach. After wrestling her glittery parasol away from said Kraken, Queen Nay struck up a conversation with Vanessa and found they had much in common. Including, a love for the mysterious and of utilizing their enemies skulls as fashionable handbags. After years together, spent researching the secluded mermaid colonies of Fiji, Captain Vanessa now aids Queen Nay in her daily tasks. Of course, she still uses her vacation to pillage, plunder and discover new curiosities. So , next time you plan a day at the beach, keep an eye on that horizon...and do mind the slime trails.


Vanessa can be reached for PR inquires at



Cutout Elvis
Moral Assistant
Cutout Elvis has henceforth been banned from Sweet Midnight headquarters as he was a beautiful distraction to the Ghoul Crew. Multiple keyboards and sewing machines had to be replaced due to excessive drool damage. again, looking at you, Ghoul Crew. Finally, while we appreciate his over all gorgeousness, we have come to the conclusion that the Ghoul Crew cannot be trusted to maintain their composure. multiple and frequent giggles, swoons and pants were heard throughout the offices (ahem, Jimmy too).
To make up for his relocation, each ghoul has been given a special 15 min break and a bib, specifically for admiring him.
In reality (haha what's that) Cutout Elvis helps keep our moral high by greeting us every morning, talking to people who come to our door, and wearing funny hats and accessories to keep smiles on our faces! You can usually hear his music playing in our office while we are busy at work. 

Finally, we have Stitchy Black. Bitten as a child by her pet possum, Foamie...she overcame rabies and started a successful pet alligator breeding program. It was here that she met Queen Nay. Immediately connecting over their love of sharp toothed companions, Stitchy became a confidant and adviser. Sadly, Stitchy has moved out East and their beloved, scaled pets can no longer meet up for play dates (an event the townspeople were eager to see ended).