Eco Awareness

At Sweet Midnight, we are attempting to be a greener, more eco friendly company. How are we doing this you might ask! Listed in the bullet points below, are all the ways we are trying to make our company as eco friendly as possible!

* We use 100% post consumer recycled boxes to ship orders as much as possible

* We don't send paper receipts to save trees

* Paper we do use is recycled paper

* We use LED lights in our office when the lights are on. If it is sunny out we do not use lights and depend on the sun to light our way

* 80% of our products are Made to Order to help reduce waste from unwanted merchandise

* Our Made to Order products ship directly from our manufacturer to cut down on  unnecessarily having to double pack it and therefore use twice as much packing supplies.

* Our wholesale orders are shipped in reused boxes with reusable packing material.